Friday, March 4, 2016

February Favorites

Another month of 2016 has come to another, way too fast. I hope you enjoyed my little reflection from my last post, I’ve been planning it all month and I was so excited to post it. Other than those things that I’ve mentioned in my post, there are some things I’ve been enjoying  from make up to a TV show I watched when I was way too young to get it.

I’ve been wanting a red lipstick for a while now but I never really dare to buy it because I did not know how it would look. When I tried this one after my dad gave it to me for my birthday I feel in love. I felt pretty Taylor Swift when I wore it, an effect that only MAC can give you to be honest.

My makeup got stolen in December and I was really needing a new mascara since I kept stealing my mom’s, she owns this one and I loved it, so my dad got me this one as well. I’m so in love the way this mascara makes my eyelashes and I love how you have two wands so you can have either voluminous or define eyelashes.

I love wearing eyeliner, I can’t go out to parties or clubs without it. But I always have trouble since by the end of the night you can see the eyeliner smear all over my face. However, this eyeliner is clumsy me proof.

It actually runs in my family to have bag under my eyes, that and the fact that I barely get any sleep, this is a lifesaver. My concealer also got stolen so I asked my sister for this one while she was on vacation and I love it. Not only the fact that is a bar is amazing but the way it works, just makes wonders. Also, they have so many different tones.

Although this one is a little bit darker than my usual tone I think it is amazing for the summer, where you might want to look a little bit tanner. I adore BB Creams, and after a friend told me to get Maybelline I begged my mom to try and find it while she was in the US. This one leaves your skin so hydrated and so smooth, it’s perfect to wear it all day.

  6.    Cath Kidston Overnight Pouch//Similar here
Not only the design is really cute but I love the size and shape of this one. I love how all my makeup fits there perfectly and whenever I have to travel or go somewhere I can just grab that and take it with me.

  7.    Spotlight
Every single second of this movie I was focused on the screen, and that is hard for someone like me. Maybe it was because I want to be a journalist and do this kind of work but I couldn’t turn my eyes away. This movie is genius (it did win the Oscar for best movie), I love how it shows you an issue that many people turn their head away from. This is a movie I highly recommend to watch for anyone, but really, if you want to be a journalist this is a must watch.

  8.    Blue Neighborhood by Troye Sivan
No surprise here, another Troye Sivan album out, and it is added to my favorites. I’ve been listening to this album none stop, I listen it while I’m working out, while I take the dog for a walk or when I’m studying, it is just an album to do anything. Last week he released his Youth music video and I loved every single second of it, because it is my favorite type of music video.

  9.    Gilmore Girls
Oh yes this is an old one. I remember my sister watching this when I was younger and now that is on Netflix I decided to watch it as well. It is one of those shows that every girl needs to watch, like Gossip Girl. Just amazing.

  10.                      Looking for Alaska by John Green
Lastly, this book. I read it when I was 16 and I really loved, and now reading it again four years later I just remember how great it is. It reminds me a lot of The Catcher in the Rye by J.D. Salinger, so of course I’m a big fan. I simply adore the way John Green writes, everything he writes I feel in love. And I love the fact that is the 10th Anniversary edition.

What have you been loving this month?