Monday, February 8, 2016

Small things that matter

Last two months have been a Little hard. I have decided to see life in a different, I’ve decided to enjoy a little bit more life, but not going big, instead I started appreciate the small thing, those that happened daily but we do not take the time to actually enjoy them. So I wrote down a list of all this tiny things:

·       Sunsets and sunrise
·       When you start a book     
·       When you finish a book
·       Finding a new song that you love
·       The way the light comes through the window in rainy days
·       Coffee in the morning
·       Relaxing with a warm cup of tea after a long day
·       The way the water hits your body and face when you shower
·       Hugging your friends after you haven’t seen them in a while
·       When you find that song that describes your feelings perfectly
·       Wrapping yourself in a warm onesie in the winter
·       Fresh sheets

·       Taking good pictures

What are the small things that matter to you?