Wednesday, January 13, 2016

20 things I learned in 20 years

So the day has arrived that I turn 20 years old *cringes at the thoughts*. Nop, I’m not completely happy about this but I know I have to face it. Today January 13th, 2016 I turn 20 years old. Everyone keeps telling me I’m still young, but to me it feels like too much. Anyways, I’m not here to be bitter over my birthday, instead, I want to tell you 20 important lessons this life has taught me:
1.       Mom always knows. Disagree all you want with her, but she knows. She knows when a boy is not right for you, or when that girl would end up hurting you. Mom always knows what is right for you. I know in the back of my mind that yes mom, I will end up with an engineer and not a writer.
2.       Time can heal everything. I promise you it does. You probably hear this all the time, but it is true. You will not even remember how it felt to have him around, or why you liked that girl as a friend so much. Give it time, you will feel better.
3.       Bullies are all around, learn not to listen. Even in college people will talk behind your back, people will still make fun of you. But forget them and move on with your life.
4.       Nobody needs to come between you and your friends. I did learn this the hard way, but never let anyone come between you two. Not a guy, not another friend, no one.
5.       You will fail and fail and fail, but you don’t have to give up and you’ll learn from this. You will fail the first time and maybe the second time, but you’ll learn and you’ll get what you want and succeed. Never ever give up just because you fail once, or twice, move on and work harder
6.       You can never go wrong with eyeliner. Learn how to use it, and wear it, always.
7.       Find something that you love and do it every day. Even if you suck, do it.  If you love to sing, do it every day. If you enjoy writing, do it every day. You’ll find a little bit of joy every day.
8.       Your body is sacred take care of it but decorate it. Get that tattoo, get that piercing, but eat healthy, workout, meditate and get some sleep.
9.       Take pictures and pictures and more pictures. Even if people look at you strange you don’t want to forget that time you saw that beautiful sunset or the time you went around Walmart in a shopping cart even though your legs defiantly do not fit.
10.   Find two lipsticks you like, one for the winter and one for the summer. Change it every now, but choose two and you are safe to go.
11.   Taylor Swift has the answer to your heart break. My personal favorite is “We are Never ever getting back” but basically listen to every single album and I guarantee that you’ll go from crying your eyes out to dancing and singing to “22” in your bedroom.
12.   Sometimes a good cry is all you need. So go ahead and cry your heart out, cry and cry. Crying is good motivation to remember how you don’t want to feel, so you go ahead and fix whatever bothers you. Or you go to the kitchen get some good food that will make you feel better.
13.   You have to read and read. I’m pretty sure this is the only advice I give to my younger siblings. Books just give you something to kill time and hey, you can always start a conversation if you know a good book. Bonus: thanks to a book I got my first tattoo.
14.   Ignore what people might say and just do you. So what if that girl from your class think your shirt is ugly? So what if the guy you are dating does not like tattoos and piercings? Just do whatever makes you happy. Go ahead and get 5 billion tattoos, wear that skirt and cut all your hair, the only one who has to like it, is you.
15.   Don’t expect anything from anyone. Harsh, but true. Go ahead and day dream that someone will come to the door with donuts and a life-size unicorn but no, it might never happened. You can dream all you want, like I hope one day I can live in a penthouse in NY with my 3 cats and walk to work every day at Vogue, but that is because it is me who has to work hard to achieve that. Don’t expect the world to stop for you, just work hard to get what you want.
16.   Give people nicknames. Not only is it hilarious but you create a bond with them
17.   Drinking coffee does not make you a grown up. It only makes you human who either did not sleep or has to stay up late.  So drink away my friend.
18.   And it is ok to be a grown up. Yes, doing the laundry sucks, and so does cooking. But going out without anyone questioning is also and so does driving around with friends blasting to music.
19.   Express your feelings. Whether you like to talk, write, sing or draw, don’t bottle up, at some point you’ll burst and you’ll realize you can’t go on like that.
20.   Life is made of small moments, take them all in. Like watching the sunset by the river with your friends, or walking at 5am in Buenos Aires with people you just meet, or dancing to Taylor Swift after getting a good grade.