Thursday, December 31, 2015

2016 Resolutions!

I really can’t believe I’m writing my 2016 resolutions, it feels like this year just went by way too fast. But here are the things I hope to achieve next year:
1.       Forget the pain. Being honest, 2015 was a year I did feel a lot of pain and it was hard to get up when I fell. So next year I hope to forget all the pain I felt in 2015 and start fresh.
2.       Live to the fullest/ go on adventures. I feel like I always say I need to go on more adventures but never actually do it or be more spontaneous, next year I hope to finally do it. I want to live life the fullest, not only do random things but do things I haven’t before. Also, I want to go on more adventures even it if the smallest thing like explore a new part in town, I want to do it.
3.       Good grades. Every single students has this goal every year, but unlike this year, I promise myself I will actually work harder to get better grades and do better at school. It is going to be a hard one but I really hope to achieve it.
4.       Stay healthy. I wasn’t the healthiest person this year. I work out less and did not eat healthy, but I made a promise this year I will get back on track and even better. I promise myself I will work out more, and even promise to get back into swimming which is something I know I need to do.
5.       Drive. I said this, this year, but I did get better at driving and I promise to myself I will finally get out there next year. It kind of hard since I’m really scare of it but I want to finally achieve it.
6.       Stop overthinking. I got told this a lot this year, that I was overthinking. So next year I hope I can stop this horrible habit. Not only in the sense of “this is eating me alive” but in the sense of just do it, not over think things through and dare myself to do more.
7.       Ignore what others think/say. And this one goes hand in hand with my blog. I need to stop thinking what others might say, continue posting and doing what makes me happy. But also, in the little habits in life, like what I wear or what I do, I just need to do what makes me happy
8.       Write. I did write more this year, but I want to continue, to get better at it and to achieve more with it. I didn’t write a lot of poetry this year, so next year I hope to do that more. Also, I want to write more for the blog.
9.       Less social media, more contact with people. I really want to use less social media next year. I try this, this year but fail. If we are being honest, I used less Twitter and Facebook this year, which I’m glad. I want to be less dependent on social media and more contact with people. I want to have face to face conversation and less WhatsApp chats.
10.   Save money. I might even start working this year to get money, a small job, but I want to win some money of my own. I promise that next year I will go on vacation with my friends and for that I need more money, so I hope to work to get money.
11.   Just be happy. Like I said before 2015 was not the best year and I was not the happiest if we are being honest. So after doing all the things I’ve mention above, I really hope to be happy next year.
What are your New Year resolutions?