Tuesday, November 10, 2015

CocoMelody’s Wedding Dresses*

Hello! Taking a quick break from study to talk about this gorgeous wedding dresses! The lovely people at CocoMelody asked me to write a post about their dresses and I was glad to agree. Not only are this dresses amazing but they have a great variety.

I remember back when I was in Cancun I saw so many weddings at the beach and they looked so lovely. This place has amazing beach wedding dresses. I always go for simple dresses so I really like this one from their wedding at the beach collection. They do, however, have dresses with more things on it and for every taste.

They, also, have their 2016 wedding dresses .They are so many different dresses for everyone. I love how they have short and long dresses, with different back and even with more volume at the bottom or straight.

Hope you enjoy them!
*This post was sponsored by Cocomelody