Wednesday, October 28, 2015

What made me happy this month?

1.       Uruguay trip. The quick trip to Uruguay was what I needed. I honestly feel in love with Punta del Estes and I’m so excited to go back sometime soon
2.       Costume parties. And yes in plural my friends and I went to two costumes parties this month. I had so much planning costumes and hanging out with lots of friends as well as knowing new people.
3.       Passing my exams. I pass two of my exams, one which was a subject I had to re-take this semester. It was a big deal since last semester I failed that exam. Fingers cross I pass my next four exams and my finals!
4.       Cat. My parents decided to bring my car, Simba, here and he has officially move in with us. Everyone knows how much I love my cat and having him here brings me so much joy.
5.       Voting. We had elections once again, and the best part was not voting but finally bring an end to a political era in our country.
6.       Going to “La Nación”. We went to “La Nación”, which is a one of the most popular newspaper in Argentina. We had to do a project for journalism and they gave us a tour around the offices.
7.       American Horror Story. My friend and I started watching the show. I’ve always been scared it was going to scare me a lot, but so far the first season I was not so scare and I’m obsessed with it. I do watch during the day only. Plus, how cute is Evan Peters?
8.       Finding old music. Maybe it was the fact that I’ve been studying a lot, so I’ve been listening to more music and re discovery songs I actually miss. Usually, some old Taylor Swift and Lorde’s song.
9.       Sunset downtown. After visiting my family downtown, I caught this beautiful sunset on my way home while stuck in traffic in the car.
10.   Spring arrival. We finally have spring, al thought the weather is still odd (this is the first week without a coat), we already have flowers and there is a lot greener around.
What made you happy this month?