Tuesday, September 1, 2015

What made me happy this month

August has been a pretty busy and eventful month, and I always enjoy doing a little round up to catch up on what’s been the best part of it.
1.       Going out with friends. For the first time since I moved here I went to an actual club, and guess what? It was fun. Surprisingly I went out twice and both time I had fun. I’m excited to do it again soon!
2.       Back to university. I went back to uni this month, and even though I’m not happy about spending so many hours at uni and so much homework, but I was glad to see my friends again. Catching up with them and going back to spending time with them was fun.
3.       I won a Sephora giveaway. Yes, I won 50$ to spend in Sephora and I actually got the stuff today and it was so amazing. I still can’t believe I won.
4.       Reunion with friends. I had a lovely reunion with two friends, who we used to be really closed back when I was in 8th grade. It was nice to catch up and know that we are still friends.
5.       Baking cookies. I don’t remember when the last time I baked before this month was. I remembered how relaxing and fun baking can actually be. Now, I’m finding stupid excuses to bake.
6.       Voting for the first time. Early this month, I voted for the first time and it was such an incredible experience.
7.       Formosa sunset. I remembered my mom saying “look at the sunset”, I turned and saw this beautiful sunset right behind me.
8.       Skype with friends. Since we are all spread around the globe, it was really nice to find some time and catch up with them.
9.       Forever 21 clothes. I ordered some clothes in Forever 21 this month, which surprisingly haven’t done in a while, and I loved them all, I talked about some of them on my previous post.
10.   Reading for fun. With so much to read for school last semester I was happy to finally find some time to relax and read something I actually want to read.
11.    Pancakes. My grandma came over and she made me pancakes which were delicious and it was really nice from her.
12.   New semester. It’s so nice to start a new semester, it’s a fresh start with different subjects.
13.   Ed Sheeran, Macklemore and Ryan Lewis new song. I did mention this in my favorites, but this song is so amazing and it gives me goose bumps. I literally can’t stop listening.
What made you happy this month?