Saturday, August 29, 2015

July and August Favorites

Hi! Can you believe August is almost over? Where has this whole year go?
I decided to do July and August together since July was only exams and studying except for the last two weeks. So, grab some tea and prepare to read a lot on what I’ve been obsessing this past two months.

      1.       Faux leather white back pack. The moment I saw this backpack I needed to get it. I’ve been wanting a new bag for school for some time now and I wanted one big enough for it and traveling. I was surprise with the size when I got it, everything fits so perfectly, my laptop, agenda, water bottle, everything. Similar here and here.

     2.       Joggers. Comfiest pants ever anyone? This pants are the best thing out there, after a long day at university this are my go to pants. I’m also planning to wear them for: a. working out, b. comfy clothes after swimming, and c. finals or exams periods.

     3.       From Zara with Love 10ml perfume. I mean not only does it smell amazing but it’s so practical. The size just makes it so easy to carry everywhere. It’s like an emergency perfume everywhere you go.

      4.       Insta film Pandora Edition. I really love theme Polaroid print and this one is no exception, I used all of them on my trip because my friends and I really like the cute drawings on the size. Might be purchasing them again soon.

     5.       Relentlessly red lipstick. Can we all agree Mac lipsticks are the best? Even the smell is ah-mazing. I got this color because I was kind of sad they didn’t have any purple ones left and my mom helped me pick it up. I really wanted a more summer color sine the other Mac I had is more for the winter. Of course, it is mate because I’m pretty obsessed with the way they make my lips look.

     6.       Nine Stories by J.D. Salinger. No surprise here, another Salinger book. I still need to finish it but I’m really liking this stories. I really enjoy how he secretly adds a member of the Glass family every now and then (you’ll get it if you read the book and google it later). I highly recommend it if you enjoy Salinger and short stories.

      7.       El Clan by Pablo Trapero. I really really like this movie. I’ve never been an Argentinean movie love but I really like this one. It is a little violent and intense, I would not recommend to everyone but it is pretty interesting if you are into crimes and a little bit of Argentina history.


      8.       Not an Apology by Bea Miller. I can’t stop listening to this album. I’ve been a fan of Bea for a while and I was so excited with her new album. My favorite song is Force of Nature the lyrics are so beautiful and I love the acoustic sound it has compare to the more pop sound the rest of the songs have.

      9.       Growing up by Macklemore and RyanLewis Ft. Ed Sheeran. Every single time I hear this song I get goose bumps. The lyrics are so beautiful and I love the sound of their voices together. I’ll totally buy an album by this three.

    10.   Pen pals.  I’ve never had a pen pal before. The amazing Courtney runs this great Tumblr to connect people all over the world who are looking for pen pals and I’ve been obsessed ever since I got my first email. People are so nice and I love to read about their different cultures. It’s an amazing way to meet people from all over the world.

     11.   Painting mandalas. My mom and sisters would spent so much time painting mandalas and I finally gave in. it’s so relaxing, it may sound stupid but I swear it its. It also reminds me of when I was younger and I’ll spend hours coloring the coloring book my grandma got me.


   12.   Fairy lights. I don’t know for how long I’ve been wanting this and I finally got them. I love how Tumblr my room looks with them, they go so well with my Polaroid.

   13.   Rubbermaid water bottle. Maybe this is the most random piece of this list but I really like this one. I carry with me everywhere I go because it is so practical and it really does help me drink more water. It is also a really strong material and I can guarantee it won’t spill inside your bag.
What have you been loving this months?