Monday, August 10, 2015

Favorite Youtubers

Photo credit: Twitter

One of my favorite things to do online is to watch Youtubers. I think I spend a good amount of my time doing so. Here is a list of my top favorite Youtubers to watch and that you should defiantly check out:
1.       Zoella. Zoe was the first beauty blogger I started watching, so she was kind of introduction into the world of blogging. Zoe has an amazing blog, Youtube channel, vlog and amazing book. She is someone who is fun to watch, plus HOW CUTE IS NALA?
2.       Essie Button. I love how chill Essie is and how much she vlogs. I think I could spend all day watching her vlogs.
3.       Hello October. I started following Suzie base on her blog and when I saw her Youtube channel I loved it. I love her vlogs as well, and her make up tutorials are so amazing.
4.       Velvetgh0st. How cute is Gabby? Every time I see her videos I’m like: this girl is SO cute! To be honest, I started watching her recently but I already love her, plus we both love cats.
5.       Jacks gap. So Jack and Finn were the first British Youtubers I started watching and lead me on to different British Youtubers. They recently started posting more videos on their travels and I can’t stop watching them. The way they show the different cities, the way they work with the camera is pretty amazing.
6.       Thatcher Joe. I always laugh watching his videos. His prank videos are amazing, but also in his Vlog channel he posts video of his trips and they are so amazing.
7.       Jenna Marbles. Jenna is the first Youtuber I EVER watch. Like seriously the first one. I think I’ve been watching Jenna since 2010 maybe more? But back when she lived in Boston. I always, ALWAYS laugh at her videos.
8.       Troye Sivan. Another cute youtuber. Troye is so adorable and his video are sometimes so inspiring. Plus, he is an amazing musician and can’t wait for his new album.
9.       Caspar Lee. I started watching right after he did a video with JacksGap. I love Caspar and his prank are also pretty funny.
10.   Claudia Sulewski. She is also a pretty recent discover but her hauls are my favorite as well as her vlogs.
What Youtubers do you like to watch?