Saturday, August 1, 2015

Favorite blogs to read

Since coming back to the whole blogging atmosphere, I really enjoyed reading blogs again. I actually forgot how much I enjoy reading. Some of this blog I’ve been following since the begging and other I’ve started following recently. But I adore all of this ladies and here they are and who you should read them as well:
1.       Hey Natalie Jean by Natalie. I love this blog so much. The way Natalie writes is so beautiful. She usually writes about her adventure with her husband and kid and they are all so cute. Her pictures are incredible, so weather you enjoy great pictures or reading Natalie’s fun story you defiantly need to check it out.
2.       Le-Happy by Luana. This girl has the best style ever. I’m totally obsessed with her style, I legit get so excited when she posts new outfit pictures because I always love them. Plus, that red ombre hair is just AMAZING. Goals here, people.
3.       Cupcakes and cashmere by Emily. I can’t really pinpoint what I love about this blog, because I basically LOVE EVERYTHING. I love Emily’s style, I love it when she talks about her kid (adorable), and I love her lifestyle.
4.       From Roses by Rebecca. My favorite thing about Rebecca is that she takes the time to reply to every single comment, which shows how committed she is and how much she cares about her readers. She also takes brilliant pictures and gives amazing advices.
5.       Cider with Rosie by Rosie. She just writes amazing post about what she does daily and I love them. I love how Rosie just tells you about her day or her week and there is always something fun and interesting.
6.       Anastasia Amour by Anastasia. This blog is simply beautiful. Her message is so beautiful and strong. Basically Anastasia wants to tell us all that we are beautiful just the way we are, and she gives amazing advice as well.
7.       Obsessed by Euge. My fellow Argentinean needed a big shout out here. I love Euge’s style and her pictures are amazing, plus I love how she writes in Spanish and English.
8.       The name is Minale by Minale. I really really enjoy this girl’s style. She has such a unique style and amazing hair.
9.       Venka Vision by Veronika. I love Veronika. I simply love her style and her pictures from her trips are amazing, really jealous she gets to go so many places.
10.   JooJoo Azad by Hoda Katebi. Another blog with an amazing message, however I feel like this one is quiet unique. Hoda talks about social action and about her culture which I find it really interesting, I also love love her blogging tips, they have been so useful.
What are you favorite blogs to read?