Thursday, August 27, 2015

10 things I learned living abroad

Maybe you are new here but most people know I lived abroad for five and half years (and I’m planning to live abroad even more). I lived in Brazil for two years and 3 and half in Paraguay, so I’d like to see myself a pro at the whole moving abroad thing. From my experience, I can say it’s amazing. I think that at least once everyone must live in a different country and learn about it. So here are 10 things I learned when I lived in Brazil and Paraguay.
1.       Learning a new language is fun.
2.       New cultures are always interesting.
3.       Home is home
4.       Your family is your biggest support and those who understand better
5.       It’s ok to miss.
6.       It’s also ok if your accent changes
7.       People would leave but you’ll learn to be fine and understand
8.       Social media will save your life
9.       You’ll be scare of the new things that will come but that’s alright
10.   A fresh start is always a good idea.
Have you lived abroad? What have you learn while away?