Thursday, July 30, 2015

What made me happy this month

So, last post was kind of a photographic round up and this one I guess we could call it more “sentimental”. Anyways, here are 13 reasons why July was pretty awesome:
1.       I finish my first semester in college. Maybe the hardest few months of my life, but I survived.
2.       I pass all my finals. Even though I only took two, I passed both of them and couldn’t be happier. So nice to think I’m already done with this two subjects.
3.       My family come over this month. It was really nice to have them for a few weeks and spend some time with them.
4.       Paper Town movie. I’ve been waiting for this movie since I read the book and it was so good, highly recommend it.
5.       Back to blogging. Words can’t explain how happy I am to come back and work on my blog. I’ve missed it so much.
6.       Visiting my friends in Asuncion. I missed my friends so much. I’m glad to be back here and seeing all the familiar faces again.
7.       Making my first $. I honestly can’t believe I got paid for the first time in my life. It still feels kind of surreal.
8.       Found new-old photos. So this month my friends send me old photos I didn’t even know we have. Really nice to go back in time.
9.       Figuring out what has been causing me to feel dizzy. So I’ve been feeling kind of dizzy out of the blue for a few years and after a few doctors appointment, I learned it was my cervical, nothing to worry too much about.
10.   New blog lay out and URL. I’ve been wanting to this for some time and I had no idea how, I’m really glad I finally did it. Changing my URL was also something I was scared, but I’m glad I finally did it.
11.   Pixels movie. This movie was so good. I’m glad I checked it out.
12.   Inside out movie. Another amazing movie I saw this month. This one was special because I went with my two siblings, it was a nice bonding time with them.
13.   Bea Miller album. I’m obsessed with Bea new album. I love her sound and her style (as I mention before). Do check out her album on iTunes.