Monday, July 20, 2015

3 Amazing Hair Extensions by UU Hair Extensions*

Hello! Yes I’m back! And I’m here to talk about UU Hair Extensions. So, the lovely people at UU Hair Extensions asked me if I could write a post about their products and I was like: heck yeah. So when I started researching about them I was surprise they had so many colors and length, which is pretty amazing since everyone likes something different all the time. So here are three of their many many awesome products, which you should check out:

To be honest I had to google how long this was, because I usual work in cm, because South America and bla bla. I was really amaze how long this is and how useful it can be. It brought me back to my graduation and how I didn’t want to cut my hair because I wouldn’t be able to do a cool do. BUT this extension would have been pretty helpful if I had cut it.

This ones are also a pretty cool length. I cut my hair so many times and a month later I was mad I did it because I didn’t like it anymore, pretty sure this could have an easy solution as well. I think this length would have been really good for this kind of situations. Or for girls who have short hair for the first time and they suddenly realize they don’t like them

This. Are. So. Useful. When I google what weave were I was like wow that is actually useful. I would defiantly wear this to avoid damaging my hair. My hair has been damage from dying it (yes, it might have to do with chalk hair) I think this is a great solutions for when you have to straight it every day or curly, to avoid damaging.
Anyways hope you had a lovely weekend,


This blog spot was sponsored by UU Hair Extensions