Sunday, April 12, 2015

New Era

This has been a decision that took me about a week to think about. I slept on it, went outside and just think about this. The decision I had made is to make this blog, “Records of my Trouble” into a something new. A fashion blog. Something that has always scared me and still does. I’ve notice that my post about outfit get the most attention, which means they are what people like. I never thought it will go in this direction but maybe it is time for a change. I like changes.
But, when I first started this blog it was about expressing myself, to talk about who I was and what I thought. I wanted a place to tell my story, so when I’m 80 years old and people tell me, Pili what was your life like? I will give them this blog. So it broke my heart to just use this blog for fashion, when I had so much to share, so many stories, and experiences. I thought “well I can always just write in my journal” (which I still do). But it was not what I wanted. I wanted more and here is a little story. My younger self always said “I want to be a psychologist to help people.” My older self is saying “I want to write to guide people.” So now what do I do? Blogspot is an amazing place for fashion and beauty. However I feel like WordPress is a place for writers who have stories. And that is where I’m heading. I’m starting a blog at WordPress to write about my life. It might sound like “Why would we want to read about you?” and to that I say: go to my new blog and you shall see.
There is a little switch to the new blog. I wanted to write in my native language. I want to write in Spanish. Because, yes Kafka and Borges got away with writing in a different language but Pili won’t. I’ve found a new beauty in the Spanish language, the complexity and I want to explore that. I want to explore wiring through new eyes and give it a try.
Thank you.
Love (like always)