Thursday, March 26, 2015

Winter Favorites!

Hello! It’s finally autumn in the South Hampshire which means winter is almost here, and this are my favorite seasons. I love how in Buenos Aires we already have that cold weather which we know winter is really close. So here are a list of my favorite things in the winter.

1.       Beanies. I love wearing beanies not only to stay warm but also because they are fashionable. Mine is from BrandyMelville, they have amazing ones.

2.       Boots. I love boots so much and my favorite ones are this Dr. Martens I bought last year! I also have a horrible trauma of cold feet and boots keep them so warm

3.       Leather jacket. I love leather jacket since I was like 15 but got my first one last year from Topshop. I love love to wear it whether is a casual day or for a night out.

4.       Leggings. I was talking about leggings just now with a friend and how I really like them because they are so warm. I adore how comfortable they are as well. Mines are from Sofia De Grecia, Forever 21 and Zara.

5.       Cappuccino. My favorite are the ones from Starbucks. They are not so warm but they are also really good for a wake up.

6.       Dark nail polish.  Although I wear dark nail polish all year round, I think they look better in the winter. This are from Revlon, SallyHansen and Essie.

7.       Scarf. I love scarf since I was young and right now I really enjoy infinite ones to keep me warm.  This ones are from Forever 21 and Amazon.
8.       Movies. I love not only love going to the movies in the winter but I also love the stay home in some warm clothes and watch a movie in Netflix.

9.       Pajama flannel. I love warm pajama to just stay in and enjoy some warm tea, a movie, or reading.