Friday, March 13, 2015

What’s in my College Bag?

Hello! I hope everyone had a lovely week and a great weekend! So all of this week posts have been related to college and this one is no different. Here are all the things I take in my college bag.

1.       Bag from Urban Outfitters. My bag is from Urban Outfitters which I had shown you before and is the perfect size to fit everything you need even the notebooks.
2.       Agenda. To remember all the homework and exams you might have. Mine was a gift and I don’t know where it is from but I’m sure you can find and agenda anywhere.
3.       Notebooks. I use a different for each class not to get mix up. I saw some really cute notebooks in Staples and Amazon. Mines are from here in Argentina, if you are from Argentina I’m sure you can buy them anywhere.
4.       Pencil case from Amazon. I don’t like taking too much stuff so I take this small pencil case which is enough to carry pens, and highlighters. I really like the design of this one, it was so cheap in amazon and you get four pencil case.
5.       Wallet from Forever 21.  A wallet of course, because you might need some money if you stay all day in school like me.
6.       Phone charger. Always take you charger everywhere you. Important life lesson I learn.
7.       Sunglasses from ray-ban. You never know.
8.       Glasses. If you are like me and can’t see, highly recommend special when you are in big classroom and you have to take a sit in the back.
9.       Make up bag form Victoria Secret. I don’t carry make up in here but I do carry lip-balm, tissue, and essentials for the day.
10.   A book. You never know if you suddenly have to wait around for someone so to kill time bring a book. Currently reading The Odyssey by Homero.
11.   A water bottle. Because all those hours listening your brain needs a little hydrations.
12.   iPad (not in the picture) or any other tablet. Because sometimes teachers send you pdf files or your reading for the next class is online and if you have time to kill why not work on that?