Saturday, March 28, 2015

March Favorites

Can you believe I’m writing March favorites? This officially means March is almost over! Anyways, here are what I’ve been loving this march. I’m surprise which how much beauty stuff I have since I never have Beauty things related haha.

1.       Mac Concealer. I’ve been wanted Mac stuff for years now and I finally got my hands to this one while I was in Paraguay. This concealer is so good, for the bags under my eyes which I have more often than you would think. It was my first time trying concealer and I was really happy with the result.

2.       The Body Shop BB Cream. I think this was in my January favorites as well but I’ve been using it almost every day now to go to school, I love the color that it leaves my skin, making it look more alive and more hydrated.

3.       Essie all in one. I now this was also in my previous favorites, but I had a little incident this month where I broke one of my nails and this really help to grow it stronger and helped me fix it.

4.       Revlon by Marchesa brushes. After I bought the concealer I knew I needed some brushes to apply it, so I bought this brushes at the airport in Argentina. They are so good for the concealer and the BB Cream.

5.       Diva by Mac Lipstick. My first Mac lipstick and I can’t believe how much I love it. I love the color, I love that is Matte, I love the way it makes my lips, the shape everything about this.

6.       Teen Angst? Naaah… by Ned Vizzini. I saw this book and it reminded me of The catcher in the Rye and even though I haven’t read much (thanks school) but I really enjoy it. Is not quite as much as the Catcher but I like it.

7.       The Imitation Game. I really really enjoyed this movie when I saw it earlier this month. I was truly fascinated by everything. I love Keira Knightly and it was my first time seeing anything with Benedict Cumberbatch and I now understand why everyone loves him-

8.       VSCOcam. I love this app. I saw a blogger recommend it to edit photos and I’ve been using it so much lately. I edit most of my pictures here.

9.       Candy Pop Instax Mini Film. I really liked how my Polaroid’s turned up with this Film. I think it makes them even cuter and I really want to buy more theme related film.