Thursday, March 12, 2015

5 Things I Learn the First Few Days of College

Hello! So I started college this Monday and to be honest it was less scary than I thought it was going to be. I thought I could giving some tips I learn the first week. I’m not expert about this since really is my first week, but maybe for your first few days.
1.       You are not alone. Even if you are in a big school and none of your friends are there with you, many, many people are just like you. I found a lot of girls who didn’t have any friends and told them to join my group of friends.
2.       Professors understand. They know this is a new phase for you, it can be hard and complicate. They won’t pressure you and they know you might not understand. They are also really willing to understand.
3.       You WILL get homework the first day. At least I did. But don’t worry take your time and DON’T LEAVE ANYTHING FOR LAST MINUTE.
4.       Always accept car drives and always give car drives when you can.
5.       To people who study the same as you and it the same college. They are really willing to talk to you and share their knowledge.
Kind of short but once I am more used to college I’ll share more I promise.