Saturday, March 21, 2015

10 Things that Made me Happy this Week!

Hello! I was going to post to Friday but I hated the idea that I had written in my little notebook so I kind of skipped a day. Anyways, here is another Sunday post for you:
1.       Buying my copy of The Catcher in the Rye. I finally have my own copy. How come I didn’t have a copy of my favorite book? I don’t even know.
2.       Literature class. Technically is Contenido Culturales Contempor├íneos, which really is like a little bit of general culture, literature and theater. But this week I had my best real literature class and I loved it. We got to analyze Salinger’s story, The Perfect Day for Bananafish and it was such a great class.
3.       Insurgent. Al thought I didn’t quiet enjoy the movie, I had fun at the cinema and I love Ansel Elgort, Theo James and Miles Teller.
4.       Paper Towns trailer. I watched it like three times already and I almost cried the third time. This book meant so much to me and I really can’t wait for the movie.
5.       New Instagram account. I made a new Instagram to share some of the photos I take daily and I put random captions to them.
6.       Mexican food. I had Mexican food on Friday with my friends and it was amazing
7.       New book. I started reading Teen Angst? Naah… by Ned Vizzini and I’ve been really enjoying it. I haven’t read much since school is killing me but I really like it.
8.       Colder weather. Autumn is finally here. Yesterday I was wearing a hoodie and scarf and I love love cold weather so much.
9.       Buying new earrings. Ever since I cut my hair short, I’ve been obsessed with small earring so I got some new ones this Friday and they are shape so they are adorable.
10.    Snapchatting with my little sister. Lately, we’ve been using Snapchat so much with my little sister. I love to send her pictures of my cats here and she sends me of my cat back in Asuncion.
Hope you had a lovely week!