Sunday, March 1, 2015

10 Things that Made me Happy this Week!

Its march! Can you believe it? College starts soon, exciting yet terrifying! Anyway, this is what I’ve been up to this week and what made me happy.
1.       Back in Asuncion. Oh how I was missing the hot and humidity of this city. Not really. I was more like missing my friends and some place here and there. But defiantly not the weather. Still I’m happy to be back to this city.
2.       Seeing friends. It was so nice having lunch with my friends. I had miss them so much and spending time with them make me extremely happy.
3.       Visiting my old school. I went back to school for a few minutes! I visit my math teacher from 9th grade to 11th grade, and she was happy to see me and know my IB grades. Also pick up my grades and saying hi to a few teachers and friends from other grades.
4.       Spending time with mom. With my younger siblings in school I spent a lot of time with mom running errands or going to the mall which was really nice to be with her, since I won’t’ be seeing her for another month.
5.       Massage. I never thought I’ll ever get a massage, but I did! And it was really nice, extremely relaxing and refreshing.
6.       Proud of my friends. This week I realized how proud of my friends I am. Some are already in college, getting their acceptance letter, and others are getting job which make me so proud to see them going somewhere.
7.       Soccer game. My friend and I went to see a soccer game from our old school and al thought we felt way too old, it was fun and it felt like old times.
8.       MAC. Yes I got some MAC products and I’m so happy. I’ve wanting MAC products for a while now and now I finally have them and I love them so much. Promise to write more about them.
9.       Going to a bar. On Monday my friends and I went to a bar, which I really enjoy. I don’t drink but still being there it’s so chill and nice especially when you are with good people and those you haven’t seen in a while.
10.   New schedule. Last week I got my college schedule, and it was exhausted, staying every day from 9 to 16 or 15? But apparently Monday I’m only going until 13.15 which is a nice start to the week.
What made you happy this week?