Thursday, March 19, 2015

10 Things I learned Living Alone!

10 things I learned from living alone
Hello! So it’s been a little bit more than two weeks since I move to live alone in Buenos Aires. It was a really scary experience but I feel like I’m doing so much better now than I was before. So here are a few things I learned this days. I’m sure I’ll learn more as I go.
1.       Washing the dishes is not that bad. I promise it only takes 5 minutes top. Especially if it just you.
2.       You do not wash clothes so often. You might think that because back at home the washing machine was on almost every seconds, you are going to have to do so much washing,
3.       Your family will understand what you are going through. They’ll call you almost every day, they want to make sure you are ok and ask if you need anything. My family has been so supporting and have been there for me every day.
4.       It’s ok to miss and to cry. The first few days while I was getting used to, it was really hard and I missed my family so much. But I’m doing so much better now, plus college keeps me so busy I barely have time to miss.
5.       You have your own time. Do you want to have dinner at 7? At 11? You can. You don’t have to wait for anyone, so you have that freedom as well.
6.       Your friends are important. Friends would keep you company and make you feel like home a little.
7.       It’s ok to eat alone. I use to hate the idea of eating alone, but I learn to embrace it. Even though it is not the best thing in the world it is also not the worst. Taking some time for yourself and maybe read a book while you eat is ok.
8.       Always take a little bit of extra money. Weather you need to get a cab or need to eat something, it’s always important to carry money with you.
9.       You will learn a lot. You will learn to be alone, and to do a lot of things that you actually never thought were truly necessary.
10.   You grow closer to your family. You know what they say: absence makes the heart fonder!