Tuesday, February 3, 2015

To All the Seniors Out There

Hi! I wanted to share a few words with those who are seniors or will be seniors this years. I finish high school two months ago and this are some thoughts that have been on my mind ever since.
Please appreciate those little moments in school. Appreciate watching your friends laugh after you told me them about your weekend. Appreciate your spot in the school patio where you all sat and talk every single recess. Appreciate your friend stealing your food and laughing in your face. Appreciate the walk to class where you ran into someone and talk for a second. Appreciate those books and the analysis from that brilliant teacher. Appreciate the sitting in the back of the class trying to keep your eyes open but failing miserably. Appreciate the way your class burst out laughing when someone made a hilarious joke. Appreciate the way your mom or dad made you lunch for the next and how they drove you to school. Just, appreciate your last day of high school.
After two months, I keep telling myself, “Pili, why the heck did you spend your last year saying “When is this over?” or something among those lines?” I did not appreciate being a senior. I complained for months and told myself “This will finally be over” but forgot to appreciate being close with my friends, waking up every morning and seeing them by the tree discussing random things, or laughing when you saw your friend arriving too early. I feel like I should have appreciate high school a little bit more. Because yes, college is terrifying. You’ll learn to do things you didn’t even know you had to do, cooking, cleaning and yes, getting lost. I remember everyone telling me I’ll miss high school, but I don’t miss it. I don’t miss having a teacher yelled at me because I want to enjoy my frozen yogurt, or a teacher yelling at me for whispering to my friends. I do however wish I had appreciate those moments I’ve mention before. The good moments.
I don’t think I’ll ever miss high school. I think I’ll miss more being a child and having people help me out and not doing grown up things. Or being with my friend’s every day for 8 hours. I just wish I had appreciate those small moments more.
This kind of sounds messy but that is my head at the moment. And I hope seniors or even juniors can understand where I’m coming.
This is something uncommon for me, I don’t usually express my mind like this nor do I ever feel like this about school. (I hated school) but lately I just been missing my friends and this is my way of saying I miss them.