Sunday, February 15, 2015

10 Things That Made Me Happy This Week!

Hello! Another week and another ten things that made me happy this week! This week honestly has been more chill and better than last. So here are a few things that I’ve been loving.
1.       Writing an old story. So, I went back and re read an old story of mine and decided to continue it and I really like where is heading. I’ve been really enjoying writing this story and putting a pause in my newest one.
2.       Cousins. My younger cousins came by Friday and Saturday and it was so nice to see then especially since I can’t see them often when I was living in Asuncion. It was nice to see them play with my siblings.
3.       Talking to my friend. I spent Valentine’s Day talking to my friend about what we want in life and how do we see ourselves in a few years, and although we messed around a little it was funny and I really enjoy talking to him.
4.       New desk. I finally got a new desk and I love how I’ve been decorating it. I really like buy tiny pieces to put on top and finally being able to write on the desk.
5.       Room decorations. I didn’t just buy stuff for my desk but I bought a mirror and some pictures to hang on my wall. More on this on a later post.
6.       Chinese food. I’ve been craving Chinese food for a while and I never have any in Asuncion so now that I’m in Buenos Aires and I think Buenos Aires has some of the best Chinese food I’ve ever try we order some and it was delicious.
7.       NYFW. Although the fact that I’m not there upsets me, I love seeing all the photos from the shows and seeing all the celebrities siting front row. (How good those Joe Jonas look siting front row at the Lacoste show?)
8.       Swimming. Yesterday I actually went swimming, which I hadn’t done in forever and it makes me so happy. I love swimming and I’ve been doing it since I was young. Swimming yesterday made me feel so at peace and happy.
9.       Styles music video. HOW GOOD IS THIS MUSIC VIDEO? I love it so much! I love how artsy it is. Taylor did a great job and I’m dying to hear the whole story behind it (I’m 100% sure is it’s full of metaphor, so I really want to hear what Taylor has to say).
10.   Winter clothes. I went shopping with my mom the other day and YES WINTER CLOTHES ARE FINALLY HERE. Although it is still too hot to take the jackets and boots, we already have coats and leggings in the stores and winter clothes are my favorite clothes.
What have you been loving this week?