Sunday, February 1, 2015

10 Things That Made Me Happy This Week

Hello! For today’s blog I thought I should try something different. I like this idea of keeping record of things that made me happy in a week to be able to go back and smile at the memories, a nice way to keep track of nice memories.
1.       Dylan, the cat. He is the adorable new member of our family. He was found by my siblings in the hood of the car. He is full of energy and I just love spending time with him.
2.       Going downtown. There is something so fun of going downtown. I love Buenos Aires, I feel like this city is so beautiful and there is so much diversity going on.
3.       Danish food. We went to a Danish restaurant with my grandparents and aunt this week. It was a lot of fun since my mom’s side of the family is Danish!
4.       Officially becoming a college students. So I finally did the finally touches to be a college student. After a few stops at the University and filling forms. I’m officially in!
5.       Seeing old friends. Yesterday I hang out with some of my friends from 8th grade and it was really nice remembering old memories and catching up.
6.       Bike rides with the sunsets. I love sunsets they are so peaceful so every day at 7pm I’ve decided to ride my bike around and appreciate the sun setting.
7.       Twilight from my window. Cutting down the house under constructions my bedroom has a lovely view, especially at twilight.
8.       New Gabriel García Márquez books. I was at the supermarket the other day and I found some book by García Marquez that made me really want to read more in Spanish. Since I feel in love with A Hundred Days of Solitude I want to give more a try.
9.       New writing inspiration. Earlier this week I was having a crisis because I would open a word document and nothing would come out. I wanted to write but my brain was empty. After some google search, I went and re read some old stuff of mine and completely got new ideas for writing, so I’m excited to get back on that.
10.   Joe Jonas Instagram. Apart for the occasional selfie (which we all appreciate, thank you Joe) this guy’s Instagram is hilarious. I keep cracking up and open Instagram as soon as I get a new notifications from his tweets.

What made you happy this week?