Saturday, January 17, 2015

2015 Resolutions!

Hello everyone! I know I’m a Little late on this but I thought it was a little cliché to do a post about my New Year resolutions and bla bla. But since I’ve been away and had a lot of time to think  and I’ve watched a lot
of people’s new year resolutions I thought I write mine here, to share and as a reminder for myself.

1.       Take more pictures.
I know this sounds weird, but I’ve realized I don’t take enough pictures, even if it of the random thing or if they come out bad I want to take pictures. Also, the fact that I got an Fujifilm Instax I’ve been waiting to save my papers for special occasions but I’ve realized I want to use them all and just take pictures with my polaroid. Also, I’ve been going to Urban Outfitters and dying to buy a photography book to learn more.
2.       Keep writing
And by writing I mean everything, from my journal to my story. So last year was the year I actually started a story I have become truly attached and I love, I want to continue with this. I also want to continue with the blog all year, as well as most of my poems and my journal where all my thoughts are put in.
3.       Be more independent
Last year resolution was to learn how to drive, which I did. But I’m so scared of getting behind the wheel and this year I have promise myself and my family to actually practice more and go out with the car. I want to allow myself to be more independent and not have anyone driving me around.
4.       Be healthy
I’m so happy what I have reached based on my health last year. I manage to go to the gym and eat better. So, this year I want to improve this and stay on the right track. Since it is going to be such a hard and New Year I want my health to be fine.
5.       More adventures
In 2014 I spent so many days stuck at home because I felt like there was nothing out there. I wanted to do something new and I couldn’t find it. This year I want to do something crazy, I want to be able to see new things and explore more.
6.       Stay on track with school
I was in the Honor Roll and got a good grade on my International exam last year so I want this year to be the same, because of the joy and happiness I felt about achieving all this. I want my first year of college to be good and to get good grades.
7.       Save money
And with this one I go back to number 5. I want to save money to be able to do more things. I want to travel with my friends at the end of the year, and for this I need to save money.

So this are my resolutions, what are yours? What do you want for this year?