Monday, November 24, 2014

Outfit of the Saturday Night

Hello lovely people! I’m sooooo happy to finally get back into blogging! I've been missing this so much over the last few months and I’m glad I’m back. So I finally finish high school which is why I have more free time and I’m excited to work on the blog more and show you all my college experience.

So, last Saturday I was about to stay home and do nothing when a friend called. We decided to go to a bar and just hang out with a few friends. Anyways, I pulled this outfit in ten minutes and really enjoyed it. I thought it look casual yet formal for a relaxing night at a casual bar. I hope you enjoy it.

 White graphic crop top- Desiderata Argentina
Black skater skirt- Bershka
Black Platform Shoes-  Yo Amo Los Zapatos Argentina
Black Purse- H&M