Friday, February 7, 2014

Shopping Haul Part 1

Hello! How is everyone doing? Today I want to share with you everything I bought while in California. I decided to divide in two since it was too much. These ones are clothes and random things I got; the next will be accessories, beauty and make up.

Both from Forever 21

This dress was actually 10 dollars only, and it was from Urban Outfitters

I bought this one here in Argentina for my birthday actually, but thought I should share it with you guys. J

I mentioned before I love Breaking Bad, when I saw this one online in Ubran OutfittersI had to buy it (Even though it was in the men section. Lol.)

I had to buy something from the Pretty Little Liars collection in Aeropostale and thought this Who Is A? Hoodie was genius.

I looooove sweaters because they are so warm and cozy. I bought the first one in Forever 21and the other one in Abercrombie, I don’t usually shop here but the sweater was on sale and was really cute.

This new Dr.Martens are my newest obsession, I got them in black patent and wore them the whole trip, I was scared because my sister said they might hurt me, but I was fine walking everywhere with them.

This are the Nike Dual Fusion, I think, they are really light and comfortable, great for the gym and running.

I love this book already. I read a passage per day and is really inspiring, and since Demi is my favorite I loved this book already. You can find it at Barnes & Noble

I was needing a new journal and a small one to take with me everywhere, so when is saw this one in Staples I got one.

I love these three ladies, so I had to get the magazines with them in the cover. They are the February 2014 Seventeen magazine, the January 2014 Rolling Stone Magazine and the December 2013/January 2014 Nylon Magazine.

I saw this on tumblr and thought: I have to buy it. I wanted for years now and never got myself to buy it and I finally did. Amazon has this as well as many like this from the same author.

I told myself to buy magnets this trip and I found these really cute ones in Staplesso I got some for the big board I have in my room.

I’ve been having a hard time finding phone cases since my phone is not the newest generation. But I found the pink on in Victoria Secret and the cat on in It's Sugar

Hope you enjoy it and there is more coming next week!
Have a lovely lovely week.
Ps: wish me luck taking my driving exam next week!