Thursday, February 27, 2014


HI! It has been more than a week since I last posted! I apologize, I actually have 3 good reasons why, first one being I started school again, so that has got me everywhere except with writing time! The second one is a nice friend of mine call IB, yep the International Baccalaureate, my friends. In case you don’t know it’s like AP subjects, maybe even harder and longer. So I’m starting all my IB projects, running around teachers and giving them ideas. The third and last is my Microsoft Word wasn't working and I like writing there before posting. Anyways, I promised I tried to post more and this blog might help me in my CAS class (more IB stuff) so I’ll post more often. 

Enough of this, today I’m going to share one of my latest poem. I actually really liked this one, and I think you can interpret it however you want it. It is different from what I normally write because it is not based on anything personal.

You stand there bare
Giving me everything
Helping me through everything
And I can’t think straight

You stand there bare
The taxi cabs and the snow
The city moving fast
And I stare at you slowly

You stand there as your laugh echoes
You have that winning smile
Your head through back
And I listen to your laugh smiling

I stand there bare
I stand there looking out
I stand there as my laugh echoes
You can’t think straight, but you listen and stare

I hope you enjoy it, I would love some feedback and may I’ll post more poems!