Wednesday, January 1, 2014

What's next?

I honestly can’t believe it is 2014. 2014 is a big year, at least for me, and I believe many of you can relate to this.
2013 was a crazy year. I have achieve a lot I’ve been wanted to achieve for many years and I can say I’m leaving this year behind proud of myself. I’ve moved on from a lot of pain and trouble than have been bothering me for a while now and I am finally setting myself free. I think 2013 was the year of setting myself free. Free from all the pain and trouble that had been dragging me for some time, I move on and became someone I think I’m proud and happy with. I hit a place in my life where I’m at peace and happy with myself, with who I am and who I have surround myself with. It was a hard year, I had to let many people go and move on, but I found new ones which I’m happier with. I also discover something I haven’t done in a long time, and that is writing. I was missing writing and after everything I think going back to the pleasure of writing was another way to aloud myself to do what I want and to feel more free. It defiantly was a big year and I’m ready to move past and start this new chapter. 2014 here I go.

2014 is in fact a huge deal and here is why. I’m turning the big 18 in a few days and this makes me nervous, happy and confuse at the same time. I’m finally grown up, I have more freedom and at the same time more responsibilities. I’m looking back at some year and realize how crazy that my childhood is sort of coming to an end. But in a way I’m relief, because I can do other stuff, stuff that I actually want and decided for myself to do. Then there is my Senior year and IB year. This quite honestly is crazier that anything else. I’m finishing high school. I’m finishing 12 years of studying, 12 years of having teacher tell you what to do, 12 years of being inside a place for 8 hours straight, 12 years of being a kid, and moving on and going to college, which another thing that freaks me out a little, but I’m ready, I want to and need it. Being a senior also involves the stress and I don’t think I’m yet mentally ready for that. Finals, IB, Colleges, grades and organizing school activities, is going to be one crazy year. School coming to an end also means is time for me to move back home to study and this is something that I’ve been putting of thinking and sort of a taboo to think around my friends. I will miss my friends a lot, but I can’t wait to see what the world has for us. Then, there is this blog. I’m ready to go on with this, to write my feelings and finally share with you, with the world, and to show you who I am. I’ve been wanted to do this for quite some time, and now I’m ready, so here I go. 2014 you are going to be a life changing year, but I’m ready to tackle you down.
Hope you all have a wonderful 2014!