Monday, January 13, 2014

Beauty is skin deep

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Hi guys! Hope everyone is doing wonderful. This post will be different that my previous ones, is more deep and more personal. If I’m being honest, there is nothing that makes me more nervous that doing this, but I want, I have to, for anyone who has deal with this or is dealing, so they know they are not alone.
This post is about body image. A subject that is way too taboo this day, when it shouldn’t because it is something we all deal with.  We have all stand in the mirror and not like what we see, look at a picture and hate it, or looking down and asking ‘why me?’ I know you, who is reading this, have. I wish we could all stop and accept each other. We should stop the little and the big comments, the ‘Are you really going to eat that?’ or ‘You should work out more’ or the ‘You are so skinny!’ I can guarantee you 90% of the times people don’t appreciate, people don’t feel happy about it. I know maybe you are trying to help, but in my opinion let that person be, they already feel a certain way about it, why add it up? The fact that we have all experienced something like this and we still manage to make this comments or point out everyone flawless is what brings us down.
How many times have you heard a friend, or family member say ‘I wish I was skinner’? Yeah probably everyday of your life. How many times do you look at them and wish you could shut the up? Most times, at least I do.  I hate seeing people feel like this, feel like to be someone they have to look a certain way, can we just get over this? Over the fact that, yeah they have curves or yeah they have a smaller structure. Just stop judging others, you have been judge at least once, didn’t they bring you down? Didn’t that hurt? Why do it to other people? Why hurt them? I’m trying to understand here, understand how by calling someone ‘fat’ will make you happier. Is there any pleasure in doing so? Why don’t we invest our energy, words and minds in something better, something bigger? Why can’t we stop the ‘I wish I was skinner’ to a ‘this is who I am, and I’m happy with this’?
Have you ever call someone in their face ‘fat’? If so, did you stop and think before? Please tell me you didn’t, because if you did, they you must be really mess up. When you tell someone they are ‘fat’ regardless of how you say it or you hint about it, you should know the complexity of the word, how much a simple word, or sentence actually does to a person. If you have been call fat, then you understand. I once heard the quote “Never call a girl fat, even if you are joking. You have no idea what she will do to be the opposite” and there is nothing truer than that phrase. But I wish we could stop this. Take the word ‘fat’ out of our vocabulary, and let the person be whoever they wish to be.
It is not just being ‘fat’ the problem here, people who are ‘skinny’ or not toned get call out too. People would say ‘you are so skinny, why don’t you eat?’ As if maybe they don’t try. They can like it, but many times they are actually trying to gain weight. They try the best but they can’t and that’s their metabolism, but no, people still need to call them ‘skinny’ or make fun because they don’t have what they are looking for. Move on, if they don’t, they are not trying to please you anyways.
This post was only to bring awareness to everyone who reads this. To stop the name calling and I hope everyone struggling with body image picks something from this, mainly that you can’t please anyone, if they like you the way you are the go on, if they don’t turn around and wave goodbye, but never let them get you. But not just the people, don’t let the mirror get you or your head, because the mirror means nothing, who you are inside, what you do is 100 times more important than the mirror. The mirror is something we have to deal with, unfortunately, but now look at it and ignore it, because if you are nice to people and do what you want, then that is what life is about, not about the stupid mirror.
One last thing and is for anyone struggling with more than body image, an eating disordered, please get the help you need. You can do it, you can overcome it, and I know you can. Please don’t skip the next meal, I know is hard but try. Please don’t throw up, don’t take that pill and workout as long as you are advice too, don’t exceed yourself. I understand this is an addiction and it is hard to move on, but if you try and determine yourself, I know you can and it’s ok to ask for help if you need. Please do it before it is too late.

NEDA offers a lot of help for those willing to get as well as for family member and friends ofpeople  dealing with an Eating Disorder.
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I'm turning 18 today! Haha. I don't know when my next post will be since I won't be in town for a few weeks but I'll have tons to talk when I'm back! Have a lovely week.