Saturday, December 28, 2013

December Favorites!

Hello guys! How is everyone doing? Can you believe December is over soon? Which means 2013 is almost over? That’s crazy! Anyways, here are what I've been loving this December. Enjoy!

Muscle Tee:

Like I mention before its summer where I live and is extremely hot almost 35°C everyday so I've been wearing this muscle tee all day and they are so comfortable and keep you cool and are really fashionable. I was in bit doubt about this shirt for a great amount of time, I was not sure if they look good. I made a Forever21 order and accidentally ordered a muscle tee, I immediately fell in love and now they are all I’m buying. So, if you are not sure about this, you should go for them. The exact one aren't available anymore but Forever21 and Abercrombie have similar ones, which is where I got mine.

Skull shirt:

The truth is my sister showed me this t-shirt a year ago and I looked at it like it was gross and said: noooooo and bought another one. But then I kept seeing it in WeHeartIt, Pinterest and Tumblr and I thought it was sooo cute and wanted it. I looked pretty much everywhere but nothing, and knew that if I did myself it will be horrible. I pretty much punch myself for not buying it back then. But a few weeks ago I went back to Zara and I need to buy it, so I did. And here it is. I love love love it! I was also scare it might be too much, but I had no problem and received a lot of complements. I couldn’t find it in any other Zara store, but I found it on ebay.


I love wearing shorts because they are not only comfortable but also really chick. Here are three which I have been obsessing over this month:

Green short: 

My mom and sister got me this shorts as a surprise and I thought they were really cute. I actually recently started wearing them because I thought they were a little formal but turns out they are ok for a day in the pool or to go to the mall. They are from Mango in Paraguay, but I’m sure you can find similar ones in Forever21 or Urban Outfitters.

Lace short:

I think I’m obsessed with lace shorts. I love them all in all colors. I have one in white and my sister has in black, I actually wanted this in black but was not able to find them so I got this pink ones. They are really formal and chick, so I really recommend them. This are from Forever21 and they still have them!

Printed shorts: 

It took me a while to be convince about this shorts since I ordered them online, once they got home I loved them because they were extremely comfortable. I wear it basically every day, and I highly recommend them because of how comfortable and cute they are. Forever21 still has them, take a look!


 I’m really short (1.60 m.) and platform have been all I’ve been wearing lately, making me taller as well as not over the top but fashionable, here are the two that I’ve being loving this month:


I saw this on Miley Cyrus and thought they looked bada*s and a month after I found them in the Converse store in Asuncion, so I bought them. To be honest, I wasn’t so sure about them but now they are all I’m wearing whenever I’m too lazy to wear sandals or want to look taller. They can also been worn in the winter time, which is by the time I bought them.


Platform sandals have been so in this past two summers, so of course I need to buy some. It took me a while to find good ones and at an affordable price and when I found this with spikes on top I went for them and it was an amazing idea. I actually bought this at a random store in Argentina but Urban Outfitters and Sofia DeGrecia (Argentina) has really similar ones.


I love wearing earrings but I hate wearing the big ones unless I’m going out and to be honest I haven’t wear small ones like this in years. I always loose them or end up with a horrible allergy so I rarely wear them. But I found the flower ones in a random store in Asuncion and feel in love so I bought them. Two months later my friend gave the other two as a present from forever21. I have been wearing them none stop so my ear piercings do not close, because it has happened before. You can find really similar ones in Forever21.


I’ve actually been obsessed with this symbol for quite some time now, and when I found the necklace I had to buy it. I love the meaning behind it and everything arrow related. It can be wore long or short and basically wear it with everything. I bought it in Argentina in a store call TodoModa but found really similar ones in Forever21 and Urban Outfitters.

Nail polish:

 I only put on make-up when I’m going out not every day, but I do love love love doing my nails. They are rarely not painted and this two is what I have been enjoying this December:

Matte Top Coat:

 I’ve seen matte nail polish hall over Tumblr, Pinterest and WeHeartIt and have been dying to buy some. I found one here in Argentina in Todo Moda which leaves my nails looking amazing. Opi has a Matte top coat as well, that you can check out!

Neon Nail polish:

 A few months ago my friends and I had a neon party and I was dying to get my hands in neon polish but couldn’t find it anywhere, until I found it in Todo Moda and got it right away. Revlon, American Apparel and Opi also have a neon nail polish line.


 I got this perfume a few years ago and I’m already running out of it, but I recently re-discover it and I love to put on some whenever I’m going to a big event. It is the Beauty by Calvin Klein and the smell is so sweet but not too strong. It actually smells a little bit like Jasmine which is my favorite flower and scent. You can find it in Calvin Klein.



This is what I normally wear after I shower is the Herbal Essence after shower Touchable Smooth. It really takes away the frizz and leaves my hair so soft and takes good care of it. I love Herbal Essence and sometimes use it in the shower as well.


 Photo Credit: Pinterest

 I follow Kelly Oxford for some time now on twitter but recently got her book Everything Is Perfect When You’re A Liar and I can’t stop laughing. This book is amazing, I’m halfway done and I’m loving it already. I highly recommend it but for teenagers or adults. The book is available in Amazon

TV series:

.Photo Credit:

 I can’t stop watching Breaking Bad because A. I love the story line B. I’ve been so intrigue about how drugs are deal and how people do them (note: I don’t in any way do drugs nor do I encourage people to do them) C. Jesse is way too cute. I wasn’t sure about starting this TV show because I hate Chemistry and thought it had a lot to do but after a lot of peer pressure I got myself into it and I.Can’t.Stop.


Last but not least, this is what I’ve been listening lately:

Maybe You’re Right by Miley Cyrus: 

This song has been on repeat lately I don’t know if it is because I’ve deal with similar stuff or because the song is amazing, both lyrics and the sound are amazing.
Photo Credit: iTunes

White Teeth Tens by Lorde:

 I’ve been loving Lorde lately. My friend showed me her song and I liked the Lana Del Rey style it had. The song is my favorite of the album and I think is fun and love the sound.
Photo Credit: iTunes

What Do I Mean by Jonas Brothers: 

I’m a huge Jonas Brothers fan, I was actually heartbroken when I found out they broke up but the new album they released for Team Jonas member is amazing. I’ve love this song since they performed it their tour last July and now the studio version is 100 times better.
Photo Credit: Team Jonas

Cannonball by Lea Michele:

 I love her voice. I’m not a big Glee fun, I have only since the first five episode but I am a Lea Michele fan, her voice is crazily amazing. The song is also really sweet, powerful and her voice is crazy.
Photo Credit: iTunes.

Hope you enjoy it and all of you had a lovely December and 2013! Can’t wait to keep doing this in 2014 and have an amazing 2014!