Sunday, December 22, 2013

Christmas Favorites!

Hello Sunshines! Welcome to my blog!

Christmas is one of my favorite time of the year. I love all the Christmas decoration and gathering with the family and exchanging presents! I’m from the South Hemisphere which means it is summer here! To be honest, I’m jealous of everyone in the North side, because Christmas and winter sound so much better. Anyways, here are some of my favorite things:
Iced Shaken Lemon Tea Starbucks: I’m not really a big tea fan, but ice tea is my weakness. I love ice tea and what a better way to keep yourself cool that with this delicious drink. If it is summer I highly recommend this beverage at Starbucks, because it is amazing and it actually look so Christmases, which makes me love it more.
Christmas Cookies: my friends and family keep making fun of me because everywhere I go I need to try a Christmas cookie, but let’s be honest, they are pretty much the most adorable thing on earth and extremely delicious.
Tree: I used to love decorating the tree when I was younger, then I was like naaa, and now I was dying to do it. My family tradition and mainly in Argentina is to do it December, 8th so when the day came me and my siblings decorated the tree and was so much fun!

Music: I recently had a road trip with my family and all I could put on were Christmas songs and they are all I’m singing and listening this past few weeks. Mainly my playlist is Taylor Swift Sound Of The Seasons album, and random songs here and there. My personal favorite is Taylor Swift version of Last Christmas J.
White Dress: white is one of the main Christmas colors, so I had this dress that I bought last year at a store called Rapsodia here in Argentina. I feel in love instantly, and I’ll probably wear it on Christmas Eve. I also wore it with this red Keds, which makes it even more Christmases.

Red and white nails: what a better time of the year that Christmas to rock some festive nails? ;) Wish I could do something like that in my nails, but to be honest I’m horrible at doing nails so I don’t think I can do anything like that.
(Photo credit: weheartit)
Vlogmas: I love Youtubers, I’ve lately become obbessed and the vlogmas are hilarious and so good. Among my favorite are Zoella, Alfie, Marcus, Jim, and waaaay more. But I have to say I enjoy watching there videos A LOT. (Photos credit: YouTube)